BBQ is a Lot of Work

For each quarter that there are zero loss time injuries the Alger team has a celebration. A staff favorite celebration is having an outdoor BBQ cooked on site. This past BBQ was a special one, it was Carl Boyd’s last BBQ at Alger.

Carl Boyd, ​​Director of Support Services, cooks the meat on a huge air compressor converted into a grill. The process starts early in the morning. Once the food is ready, management helps serve the food to the entire team. Typically we cook tri-tip and some hot dogs. Then served it with fresh homemade BBQ sauce, sauteed bell peppers and the world’s best baked beans – also homemade. The events always provide a ​​great opportunity for most of the team to take a break from the hard work and relax with their team.

It also gives Carl Boyd and the rest of the management team a chance to show how much the team’s focus on safety is appreciated.