Quarterly Safety Events

Safety is a top priority at Alger Precision Machining. It requires constant focus, attention to detail, good communication, trust in your team, and confidence to call someone out who isn’t following the process. It takes a huge amount of effort, so having an entire team dedicated to safety is a massive success. 

For each quarter that there are zero loss time injuries – which is most quarters – the Alger team has a celebration. The event provides a ​​great opportunity for everyone to take a break from the hard work and relax with their team. The longest run for these events lasted 9 years!

A staff favorite celebration is having an outdoor BBQ cooked on site. Carl Boyd, ​​Director of Support Services, cooks the meat on a huge air compressor converted into a grill. Management helps serve the food to the entire team. At our last on-site BBQ we grilled 80 tri tips and about 12 dozen hotdogs, and served it with fresh homemade BBQ sauce, sauteed bell peppers and the world’s best baked beans – also homemade. A delicious feast!

Thanks and congratulations goes to the entire team. Thank you for working hard and staying safe!